Echo Session: Challenges on Exporting Agrifood Products in Asia and EU, 25 March 2010, DAP Pasig

Export Promotion of Agricultural Products (or Agrifood) was the topic of the Echo Sharing Session of APO Grantees held in DAP Pasig City on 25 March 2010. Pressing concerns over export promotion and market access in Asia and EU (European Union) were discussed by 5 grantees from the food industry.

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in line with its objective of supporting competitiveness of SMEs in APO member countries is undertaking study missions to Asia and EU to help policymakers, executives and managers of agribusiness and food/beverage companies understand the importance of export promotion and networking in gaining access for their products to global markets. These missions coincide with the Food Exhibits like the ANUGA Fair where exhibitors from every country in the world demonstrate their products conduct cross-border business and make international contacts. Participants in these missions, such as the 5 filipino grantees who presented in this session, had the opportunity to examine the latest industry and market trends, innovative new products, packaging concepts and exporters’ promotional techniques in these fairs.

Helen Del Rosario , General Manager, Soyuz Foods International

The first batch of presenters, Ms. Helena H. del Rosario, General Manager of Soyuz Foods, Mr. Brian C. Tan, General Manager of Bethany Management, and Ms. Rosemarie R. delos Reyes, Business Development Manager of Mega Fishing Corporation, jointly presented on the global picture of trade in agrifood products, trends in promoting export products, opportunities in French and other global markets, the Japanese market, issues and challenges in global market access, as well as the highlights of the FOODEX Japan 2009.

John Dioquino, Director, DOLE Philippines (Left) and Simon Pascual, Business Development Manager, Marigold Manufacturing (Mama Sita’s) (Right)

The second batch of presenters, Mr. John C. Dioquino, Director of Dole Asia and Mr. Simon A. Pascual, Business Development Manager of Marigold Marketing Services, presented on the current trends and approaches in promoting products for export markets in Germany and EU, and highlights of their visit to Munich, Bonn, and Cologne, Germany.

The session was attended by no less than 25 participants, composed of DAP technical and admin staff, and representatives of DAP partners: INFOMAPP, PHILEXPORT, NABCOR, UP-ISSI, and Revitalize Indigenous Cordilleran Entrepreneurs, Inc. (RICE, Inc.)

In this session, I have learned some promotional and marketing strategies based on preferences and profile of population in a locality or country, like in what was presented here, France, Germany and Japan”, commented by an attendee of the session.


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