Report: P&Q Improvement through Enhanced Regional Governance Mission, 30 November-2 December 2010, Malaysia

Philippine Observational Study Mission Delegates


The Regional Development Council in Region 2 (RDC-2) promotes productivity and quality improvement in order to sustain the growth of the regional economy in the Cagayan Valley. Last 2009 they have adopted the Regional Action Agenda for Productivity and Quality (RAAPQ 2009-2010) which supplements the regular agency programs with short term productivity-enhancing activities in agriculture, industry and government services.


In pursuit of building up the capability and competitiveness of the region, RDC-2 applied for a Study Mission in Malaysia to enhance its officials’ understanding and knowledge of recent developments and best practices in the improvement of productivity in the public sector, through direct exposure to successful cases of P&Q Improvement in Malaysia.


The study mission comprised nine (9) delegates who are members of RDC-2, as follows: 1) Director Milagros A. Rimando, NEDA (Mission Leader), 2) Director Purita S. Licas, PIA, 3) Director Rolando Rafael, DILG, 4) Director Grace Y. Ursua, DOLE, 5) Director Urduja A. Tejada, DOST, 6) Director Isabel C. Taguinod, DBM, 7) Director Jovita P. Ayson, 8) Chief Julius Ordona, CEZA, and 9) Chief Maria Lourdes Corsino, NEDA.


The mission comprised the following activities: Day 1 – Visit to the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) and attendance to the Conference on Competitiveness; Day 2 – Visit to the National Registration Department (NRD) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI); and Day 3 – Visit to the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

The following topics on innovation and productivity as drivers of global competitiveness were covered in the program:

1. Innovation promotion in Government offices
2. Promotion of Innovation among citizens
3. Quality Environment or 5-S
4. Delighting the customers
5. Improved IT security
6. Implementation of Key Performance Indicators
7. Awards and Recognition systems
8. Use of IT to drive reforms in tax administration
9. Use of IT in facilitating public service delivery
10. Use of IT in getting inputs, opinions, ideas from the public
11. Regulatory review in the public sector
12. Compliance with ISO standards
13. Malaysian multi-purpose ID
14. National Government Center in Putrajaya
15. National advocacy on Innovation


The OSM delegates find the mission well designed as it provided visits to award-winning government agencies. They appreciated the attendance in the half-day Conference on Competitiveness because it exposed them to innovation practices of government and private enterprises. The exhibit/fair augmented the publication materials that the participants found useful. Further, the staff of the visited agencies were accommodating and the resource persons were knowledgeable. Overall, the participants rate the mission excellent; the program exceeded their expectations as far as learning experience is concerned. The program taught them the value of applying innovation in public service delivery.


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