Report: Green Productivity Trainers’ Training, 28 March-22 April 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Group Photo of Participants


To develop more practitioners for the sustainable development of GP in member countries, the APO has organized an annual training course since 2001 to focus on developing capable GP practitioners in member countries. Training elements that emphasize practicality and in depth knowledge have been provided to raise the competency level of each participant. The inclusion of emerging environmental-related issues such as energy auditing and environmental management systems provide more ideas for participants to make progress as full-fledged GP practitioners. Additional tools and techniques were also introduced to illustrate various approaches to achieve more concrete results in GP implementation. In 2011, the APO in collaboration with the MPC and INTAN conducted this annual training course. The course emphasize increasing competency of each participant to become a GP trainer/practitioner who will be able to disseminate the knowledge gained through training and consultancy. One of the main activity during the four-week intensive training workshop is and in-plant diagnosis activities in several local companies and organizations of Malaysia.


The Training of Trainers on Green Productivity will enhance and broaden my working knowledge on GP. With my involvement in the DOH project, I hope to explore GP related projects in the health sector specifically hospitals to improve health and safety among Filipinos. Formerly, I have been involved in the ecotourism project through the National Conference on Planning and Developing Community-Base4d Rural Tourism. I found out that there are areas where the concept of GP can be integrated in ecotourism.

At the end of the workshop, I expect to:
• Gain new ideas, significant milestones, innovations and good practices on Green Productivity.
• Learn from the sharing of other participants with experiences in GP.
• Apply the GP concepts, tools and techniques in future DAP projects.


The eighteen (18) participants came from various member countries of the APO. In this course, Ms. Wilhelmina Erna, also a Filipino, joined me for one whole month in INTAN, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. Ms. Erna is currently the chairman of the PICTS, Inc. (Productivity Improvement and Conformity Training Services, Inc.). the participants came from both public and private sectors specifically working for environment.


The scope of the training revolved on the discussion of GP methodology, tools and techniques. Moreover, it included specific topics on Material Flow Cost Accounting, Basic Consulting Skills on GP, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Energy Audit/Material and Energy Balance. The methodology used in this training are: group workshop, lecture-discussion, site visits, and case studies.


Through this training, I gained more knowledge on the GP concepts, tools and techniques. Also, through the case studies that we did, I was able to apply the knowledge and skills that I learned by conducting the GP steps 1 to 6 and provide recommendations to improve the subject company’s productivity. With regard to the methodology, teaching GP through case studies demonstrated the participants’ application of the knowledge, and concepts imparted by the resource speakers. Also, site visits, doing the walk through survey and presentation of the case analysis and recommendations gave the participants an actual experience of what it means to be GP consultant. The resource persons provided valuable inputs and experts’ advice on how to do GP. Dr. Suporn Kootatep was an expert indeed who generously guided the participants during the entire duration of the training. INTAN as a venue was a conducive and strategic place to conduct the training.


After having attended the training, we find it essential that a follow up course on GP for trainees like to us to be conducted one year after. This will give a chance for former participants of the GP training to share various GP project involvements, strategies and best practices among others. It will also be a venue to update one another and study current trends on GP methodologies, tools and techniques. As an action step, I hope to apply some, if not all, the knowledge that the GP training has imparted to me. With my project involvements in relation to environment and energy, I hope to integrate GP tools and techniques in its implementation whether training or technical assistance.


Project Officer
Center for Sustainable Human Development
Development Academy of the Philippines


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