Report: Effective Governance and Transformation of the Public Sector Mission, 7-10 November 2011, Singapore and Malaysia

Philippine Delegates at INTAN Malaysia


To foster careerism in government, promote stability, and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector, the Government of the Philippines has put as one of its priorities the formation of a cadre of competent, dedicated, development-oriented and ethical technocrats who will man the agencies of government.  In early 2011, the Executive Department decided to revitalize and institutionalize the National Government Career Executive Service Development Program (NGCESDP) under the wings of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), the Philippines’ National Productivity Organization.

Based on its original charter, the DAP is mandated to foster and support the development efforts of the country by carrying out human resource development programs designed to instill development perspectives and advance management capability in the leadership of the key sectors of the government and the economy.  The Academy conceived and implemented the original Career Executive Service Development Program from 1974 to 1985 which covered about 1,100 senior and middle officers, many of whom later occupied key leadership and cabinet positions in subsequent administrations.  The NGCESDP, which is a re-engineered version of the original program, was recently re-launched by the Philippine Government in order produce a new critical mass of development-oriented technocrats within the medium term.  These career executives are expected to lead and spur innovation and transformation within the government to improve the quality and responsiveness of public services.

Considering that Singapore and Malaysia have gained worldwide acclaim for their public sector development programs, the Philippine Government, through DAP, has requested the study visit to public sector capacity building institutions in these two countries to gather and exchange insights and information on Effective Governance and Transformation of the Public Sector.


The mission aimed to gather and exchange insights and information on Effective Governance and Transformation of the Public Sector in host countries. Specifically, it aimed to enable the Philippine NPO and participating countries to: learn trends and best practices on HR development programs/strategies and other initiatives to promote effective public governance; benchmark programs on capability development for senior government executives; and explore partnership with regional training/academic institutions on capacity building and promoting innovation and productivity in the public sector.

The Mission delegates included Ms. Magdalena L. Mendoza, DAP Senior Vice-President for Programs, and Ms. Nanette C. Caparros, Program Manager of NGCESDP.


In summary, the following institutions were visited:

• Civil Service College (CSC) Singapore
• Singapore Environment Institute (SEI)
• SPRING Singapore HR Department
• APO Center of Excellence on Business Excellence (in SPRING Singapore)
• Malaysian Productivity Corporation
• National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN, Malaysia)
• Razak School of Government (RSOG, Malaysia)


At Civil Service College Singapore

The Mission was very beneficial to the DAP as NPO and the insights gathered proved useful in the development of the National Government Career Executive Service Development Program which the DAP will implement beginning Fiscal Year 2012. The information from Singapore’s HR development program will help DAP design the overall HR development program for the public sector. The CSC International and the DAP aims for partnership in the area of capacity building for improving public service productivity, innovation and governance.

SEI and DAP also explored exchange programs on PEEL (e.g. the Philippines can share its experience in facing challenges of natural disasters). The RSG Malaysia and DAP intends to tap each other’s resources (e.g. eminent public leaders, leadership education for the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao).

At Razak School of Government, Malaysia

Singapore is considered a benchmark in terms of steering the BE Awards and the Philippines envisions the adaptation of a similar ladderized program for recognition of exemplary performance/practices in people management, service, and innovation. Counterparts from Singapore and Malaysia also benefited from the exchange of information on the developments and recent initiatives of the Philippine government in promoting transparent and accountable governance, improving quality of public service and raising the level of professionalism in the public sector.


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