Report: Food Safety Management System ISO22000:2005 Training, 21-26 November 2011, Karachi, Pakistan

Group Photo of Participants


The course is all about assessing the readiness and capability of each food establishment and on how to determine the usefulness of avoiding possible hazard that may occur in the food chain. The program also aims to harness each participant’s skills on conducting and managing audit on food safety aligned to international standard that is highly acceptable to all consumers.


As a regulatory officer, a family man and a frequent traveler acceptable level of protections from the food we eat are highly expected. This training course on the Food Safety Management Systems will enhance the knowledge in food safety management and can be very useful in interpreting audit according to acceptable standard. Further, this will create a higher level of confidence in day to day auditing. Thus, making the level of assurance more acceptable.


There are a total of 22 participants representing Bangladesh (2), Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand (2), Vietnam, and Pakistan (10)


Methodologies used in the training are exercises, discussions, role playing, case studies, presentations that reflect audit situations, live assessment of FSMS ISO 22000:2005 certified establishment and formal examinations.

The training contents are classified to three namely the manual, exercises and case studies. The manual comprises of standards, certification and accreditation schemes, auditing, planning, the auditing skills, developing checklist, writing of non conformities NC’s, reporting protocol’s, handling meetings, follow-up meetings in case of unsettled findings arises, handling difficult situations and resolving conflicts.

The exercises cover real scenarios that may arise in audit and evaluating the pre-requisite programs. This also includes finding evidences that the system is effective and the plan continually improves the systems. The case study involves actual handling of audits in simulated cases.


The most interesting part on this training is on the leveling side with other country participants since most of the trainees are on the auditing or certification business some of which are from the governments and other are from commercial providers. The mentors managed all the queries and in general make the training successful and met all expectations.


The Training Course on the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 for Auditors/Lead Auditors at Lahore, Pakistan is another supplemental action for Asian in their current food safety assurance agenda. In this program, participants developed  skills  to evaluate current practices that are useful in their day-to-day activities.

The existence of current regulatory bodies like Department of Health, The Department of Agriculture and Department of Trade with collaboration from the LGU’s counterpart on their existing food safety program in protecting consumers shall be enhanced. The  Development Academy of the Philippines being the APO partner here in the Philippines thru their support to each agency mandates can be the leader in the development of standards that is appropriate and suitable to the Philippine condition. Likewise, continuous coordination to developed strong ties among Asians is expected in support to their directives.

The National Meat Inspection Service in cooperation of the Development Academy of the Philippines can re-asses the difference between HACCP food safety assurance and ISO 22000 food safety management system in order to be of better service to the consumers.


HACCP Lead Auditor/
Head, Accreditation Registration Enforcement Division
Natioanal Meat Inspection Service Region IV-A
Department of Agriculture


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