NPO News: APO supports DAP in Development of Philippine Public Sector Innovation Framework

APO Expert Brian Marson and DAP Technical Staff

The 1st Philippine Public Sector Innovation and Productivity Conference conducted on December 2010 by the Development Academy of the Philippines was a concrete attempt and one of the many expressions of the utmost desire of the government and civil servants to increase productivity, improve quality service delivery, and continuously find ways to innovate towards achieving outcomes that manifest government effectiveness, transparency and accountability, political stability, regulatory quality, rule of law, and corruption control.

During the said conference, emphasis was placed on the obvious efforts by governments to make services and products accessible mainly by effectively listening to the constituency – to what they want, need, and aspire, and responding appropriately. The adoption of an outside-in thinking was encouraged rather than the usual inside-out approach to governance. There was, among others, persuasive reiteration on the need to listen more to what the public is saying, i.e. on the kind of services wants and needs in order to provide for quality services. This shall lead to attainment of a government that is really attuned to the principle that public office is public trust, in addition to the platform of President Aquino of abiding by the sovereign citizens aspirations — a citizen centric government.

In view of the same, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) has approved the application of the funding for the Technical Expert Services of Mr. Brian Marson, former Senior Expert, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat for the project entitled “Fostering Innovation in the Public Sector: Development of Public Sector Innovation Framework for the Philippines”. The Development Academy of the Philippines was the target audience and beneficiary of the technical assistance that ran from 1-12 December 2011. As such, participants of the activities came from the different Centers of the Academy.

Part of the scope of the Technical Expert Service of Mr. Marson includes as being resource person in a series of workshops to develop tools and programs to implement citizen-centric strategies namely: Development of Citizen Satisfaction Survey Design for the Philippines; Development of a Conceptual Framework for the Operationalization of Horizontal Governance Approach in Service Delivery for the Philippines; and Development of Service Manager Certification Program Design for the Philippines.

Participants of the project activities were very cooperative and expressed their appreciation of the courses. There was active participation, not only from the technical staff, but as well as from the Senior Officials from Directors up to the President himself. This shows the full support of DAP management to the pursuing the project activities and objectives.


Project Manager
Center for Governance
Development Academy of the Philippines


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