Report: Green Productivity & Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) Training, August 20-24, 2012, Republic of China

APO TRC on MFCA, 2012

Brief Description & background of the project

The MFCA training course held in Republic of China is a subsequent training for the E-learning course on Green Productivity held in the Philippines. The training aims to strengthen the knowledge of the APO member countries about implementation of MFCA and its benefits.

Material Flow Cost Accounting is an accounting tool that tends to reduce material losses or wastages of a production or manufacturing line by developing a model that shows the quantity and cost of all materials coming in and out of the process. And by doing this model we can identify all sources of material losses or waste and its monetary value thereby making necessary improvements that will potentially increase productivity and reduce environmental impact.


MFCA is already implemented in one of our production line, after the attendance and arrival of Ms. Maria Aurora Mercurio from the 1st MFCA training course last September 2011 in Japan. Upon her arrival, she introduced different members of our company on MFCA and we started to work out its implementation and eventually expand in other production lines and eventually in the whole manufacturing plant under Jollibee Foods Corporation.

The project covers a big scope and would require personnel to facilitate implementation. As one of the personnel to facilitate implementation, I needed to deepen my knowledge and skill on MFCA and its implemenation to be able to maximixe the use of the tool, also by participating in the seminar, we have the benefit of learning MFCA based on experience of organization that were already implementing it.


18 delegates from different countries participated: Philippines (2), Malaysia (3), India (2), Indonesia (2), Iran (2), Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand (3), and Vietnam (2).


Training details

1. Recap and review of MFCA principles
2. Site visit to Cashido Manufacturing Plant
3. MFCA implementation at Cashido Manufacturing Plant


Lecture and classroom discussion, question and answer, hands-on application of learning and actual MFCA implementation at selected pilot plant/company (Cashido)



Hands-on training and sharing of current organization that implements MFCA intensified my understanding in the implementation of MFCA.

We have developed a material flow model on one product of Cashido Manufacturing Plant and we have identified sources of material losses and gave recommendations therefore showing the organization the areas to look at for improvement.

My expecation on the resource preson and speakers were met. The resource person and speakers showed competency on the topics they delivered.


The training course deepened my initial learning on MFCA and the activity clarified some thoughts and questions after the e-learning course. The activity gave us a hands-on experience on MFCA implementaiotn and we have learned as well the different challenges in its implementation and the approaches on how to tackle the problems encountered. The learning would surely help with the MFCA in our current organization.

Everyone’s objective in the course was met including the expectations of the organizer (APO), sponsor (CPC), and the host company (Cashido). Significant number or recommendations and improvement suggestions were given to Cashido in terms of output of the activity which could help to improve the productivity of the company.

The resource person and speakers were very competent and knowledgeable on the subject they have discussed. They have the necessary skills including experience whigh made them very convincing when they presented and discussed the subject.

General recommendations of APO & delegates: Implement the MFCA learning in their respective countries and companies and share their knowledge to others and expand the network of experts and knowledgeable persons on the subject matter.

Recommendation to DAP: Provide more trainings on MFCA to other companies and organizations and invite the experts from Japan through the APO Technical Expert Service (TES) to assist companies in the Philippines who are already implementing MFCA and provide lecture as well.

Delegate Action Plan:

1. MFCA is already implemented in a pilot line of our company (Zenith Foods Corporation) and the plan is to implement it in all production lines (9 manufacturing lines) and eventually to all manufacturing lines under Jollibee Foods Corporation.
2. The long term plan is to conduct training and lectures to share the experiences and benefits of MFCA implementation and hopefully this would be implemented throughout the country.


Process Engineer
Zenith Foods Corporation

Environment, Health and Safety Manager
Zenith Foods Corporation


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