Report: Development of Productivity Practitioners (Advanced Program) Training Course, October 1-19, 2012, Malaysia

Group Photo of Participants

Group Photo of Participants


The training course was designed to enhance the competence of the national productivity organizations’ (NPOs) staff of APO member countries who have attended the DPP: Basic Course. More advance concepts, tools and techniques, and approaches were introduced to the productivity practitioner participants representing various APO countries. Hence, the program provided an opportunity for inter-country collaboration as participants were given the opportunity to share their P&Q projects.


I have been with the Development Academy of the Philippines’ Service Quality Division, under the Center for Quality and Competitiveness for 3 years now. Our division handles projects which aim to broaden adoption of basic and intermediate quality and productivity improvement approaches for the service sector. In my capacity as project manager, I have handled consultancy projects on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification of the Development Bank of the Philippines, Philippine Navy Finance Center, and National Development Company and Institutionalization of 5S Program for Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation. And as training manager, I have implemented courses on Basic Quality and Productivity Courses and Problem Analysis and Solutions Formulation.

Recently, I have been involved as resource person relating to topics on 5S Quality Workplace, ISO 9001 Requirements and Documentation, and ISO 9001 Internal Quality Audit and as facilitator/coordinator for various Focus group Discussions for several CQC-SQD clients.

With my duties becoming more challenging, I believe that the training course will provide me the opportunity to identify, use, and explain advance productivity approaches and tools that will enhance my competencies in diagnosing productivity problems, developing and implementing solutions, and providing training, consulting and promotional services to CQC-SQD clients.

In turn, will enable me to contribute better to the function of our unit, CQC-SQD, and to one of DAP’s mandate, which is to promote partnerships and facilitate the integration of policies, plans, programs, and systems towards a holistic perspective, through the conduct of training, education, policy/action-oriented researches, consulting/technical assistance, and publications in good governance and productivity improvement.


There are 21 total participants. The participants from the Philippines are both from Development Academy of the Philippines.


Group Discussions
Case Studies
Site Visits


I am very thankful for the valuable opportunity to learn advanced tools and techniques that I can definitely use in consultancy and training work. Specifically, I will be able to implement the lined-up training course on Business Process Reengineering, which was scheduled even prior to the training. The training course has equipped me with better appreciation of productivity and quality improvement principles, techniques, and approaches. I learned from the resource persons/trainers and from the sharing of experiences and projects of my co-participants. From the knowledge I gained I hope to apply it in the promotional, training, and consultancy projects that I will be handling.

Generally, the course was successful and will be useful to my competency advancement as a development practitioner.


The participants appreciated very much the learning from the training course. Learnings can be applied in different sectors. Philippine NPO (DAP) should be able to offer trainers training courses on each topic, to better prepare practitioners/consultant in assisting clients. Also, DAP would benefit from implementing the BPR to improve its core and support services/processes. I would be able to implement both my long-term and short-term action plan with the support of my superiors. To disseminate the knowledge, I will send copies of the presentation materials to my colleagues in DAP-CQC. They can use this for reference in conceptualizing P&Q projects.


Associate Project Officer IV
Service Quality Division
Center for Quality and Competitiveness
Development Academy of the Philippines


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