Grantees Sharing of Benchmarking and Business Excellence for SMEs, May 10, 2013, DAP Pasig City

Group Photo of Participants

Group Photo of Participants

Aiming to provide the opportunity to learn and examine best practices of advanced SMEs in Japan on service quality and excellence, to introduce the concepts of Benchmarking, and to promote the productivity & Business Excellence to revitalize the economy, the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)—APO Liaison Office organized a knowledge-sharing session of APO Grantees with the theme “Unraveling Business Excellence: Secrets & Best Practices in Service Quality” last 10 May 2013 in DAP’s Executive Lounge in DAP Pasig City.

Two (2) APO Grantees were invited to share the knowledge they’ve obtained from their attendance to APO projects. Mr. Mark C. Dulag, a Proprietor/General Manager of K-yong Spirits Orchard & Winery, presented his learnings from APO-sponsored Workshop on “Benchmarking Index for SMEs in the Service Sector focusing on the Retail & Food Beverage Industries” held in Malaysia. Some of the highlights of his presentations were e-Benchmarking and Benchmarking processes which incorporates four (4) phases: Plan, Collect, Analyze, and Adapt.

On the other hand, Ms. Shirley H. Ng, Senior Vice President of The Expressions Company, discussed the Management Philosophies & Strategies of Top Japanese SME Companies and the Japan Quality Award (JQA) companies’ Best Practices. Among the Management Philosophies cited is the Negishi’s Management Principle which is composed of four (4) core values: Customer First, Emphasis on Employees, Our Own ability, and Harmony with Society. She also gave emphasis on the importance of Human Resource and why employees should be treated as customers. Ms. Ng attended the APO Workshop on the “SME Best Practices in the Service Sector” held in Japan.

A total of twenty four (24) participants, composed of DAP Staff, APO Grantees, and Professionals from the public and private sectors joined the knowledge-sharing session. As a result, the participants conveyed to carry out their plan to disseminate the knowledge they have gained through sharing with colleagues and comrades and to apply the Negishi’s Management Principles in their respective companies.

“Because of the knowledge-sharing session, I was able to gain new insights in improving our business management”, a participant said.


Article by:

Regyra R. Pamintuan


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