Report: Lean Manufacturing Systems Training, April 29-May 10, 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Group Photo of Participants

Group Photo


APO organized a two-week training course on Lean Manufacturing Systems. Lean Manufacturing Systems involve the systematic elimination of all types of waste in production and related processes. This also involves the concept of continuous production flow to satisfy customer demand by minimizing production lead time. The objective is to get the needed items to the right place at the right time in the right quantity and quality. The process requires identifying and eliminating activities that do not add value to the process of design, production, logistics and customer relations. Lean systems have been adopted by industries and originally developed by Toyota Motor which is widely known as TPS or Toyota Production System or the Toyota Way. Several techniques and concepts are being used to achieve the objectives of lean systems , includes Just-In-Time(JIT) inventory, the pull concept, small-lot production, total quality management, supply chain management and value-stream mapping.

The training will provide a comprehensive information on lean manufacturing systems and actual lean applications in Malaysian organizations like the Toyota Boshoku, Denso and Hicom Plants who are practicing and internalizing the lean concepts.


I need to learn more on the principles behind and the best practices on Lean Production Systems. From my understanding, lean principle is synonymous to Waste Reduction on every aspects of a production system. It is the application of a set of principles to identify and eliminate waste and deliver to the customer what they want, when they want it.

Also, aside from helping my own company on the Lean Sigma journey towards manufacturing excellence, I need also to be equip with the lean concepts so that I could help other organizations and companies. To be able to share best practices and areas for improvement in line with the National Productivity Organizations thrust and mission/vision/core values.

This is aligned to my team’s value proposition to our customers which is “ To deliver goods at the highest quality, at the right time, right quantity and at optimum costs.”

My expectations on this APO project include enhancement of my Lean Concepts knowledge/application and benchmarking/learning from best practices on actual manufacturing plant visits and case studies.
PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS (FTMolas of the Philippines was elected as the Batch President)

The delegates are represented by the countries of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iran, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan (2), Philippines (2), Sri Lanka (2). Thailand (2), Vietnam (3), Malaysia (5);

From the Philippines are the following:

1) Mr. Damirson A. Co
Quality System Management Head
Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

2) Mr. Francisco T. Molas
Director, Manufacturing Operations,Del Monte Philippines Inc
Board of Director, PROMAP

5 –principles of Lean Thinking: * Specify Value, Value Stream, Product Flow Creation, Establishing Customer Pull, Seeking Perfection

Creating Lean Thinking: * Identification and elimination of waste(muda), Unevenness(mura) and overburden (muri)

Discussion on Lean Process: * Introduction, Lean Culture, Mapping, Stability, Just-in-time, Measuring, and Sustaining interaction between the participants on the concepts also help in the understanding and additional learnings of the team.

Kaizen: * Concepts and principles, * Key components of Kaizen, * Principles, Systems and tools, * PDCA and SDCA cycle of Continual Improvement

Resource Persons and topics:

1) Mr, Akira Hayashibara( Japan)
> Principle of Lean Manufacturing Systems/Value-added and Waste Elimination/Kaizen and PDCA
>How to apply lean in our organization

2) Dr. Shubhrangsu Barman Roy(Mumbai, India)
Principal Consultant and Business Head, Breakthrough Mgt Group International
>Lean Tools Structure/Pull System/ One-piece flow/ Takt time/ Levelled Production

3) Dr. Lee Gan Kai William (Singapore)
Senior Research Manager, International Data Corp(IDC),Manufacturing Insights Asia/Pacific
>Value Stream Mapping and VSM application
>Analysis of a factory through VSM
>VSM (proposal for improvement after analysis)

4) Mr. Kritchai Anakamanee
Asian Productivity Organization(APO) Program Officer, Tokyo, Japan
>Importance of Lean Culture and Sharing of Toyota Way

Site Visits:

1) Hicom Automotive Manufacturers (assembler of Suzuki, BMW, Isuzu)
2) Toyota Boshoku UMW: lean concept and applications
3) DENSO: Lean application for suppliers and logistics
4) Sapura Automotive Industries( in-plant practice and case study for lean concepts application)

Country Papers presentation:

* Majority of the country papers presented are on productivity improvements
* Majority focusing on the takt time, cycle time, inventory reduction
* Majority of the participants presented a single-line, single-product project
* My paper is more on a bigger scope with lean materials, reduction of spillages and eventually increase in yield per raw material processed and same time environmental compliance
* Participants presentations depends on what company they are with, majority on manufacturing but there are also medical, government agencies, offices, etc.

The actual training content meets my expectations, both the classroom training, actual site visits for best practices at Hicom, Toyota Boshoku and Denso Plants. Also the case studies done at Sapura Plant allowed us to apply what we have learned for the past seven days of training and exposure.

The resource speakers in the persons of Mr Kritchai, Dr Roy,Dr Lee and Mr Akira are very good on their respective topics and field of expertise.

The lean concepts are very applicable to my manufacturing plant in attaining my customer-value proposition of producing quality products, at the right time, right quantity at the lowest possible cost. Learning lean manufacturing systems is a systematic approach to identify and eliminate non-value added activities through continuous improvement by flowing the products at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection.

We can apply Lean Concepts to any process on any establishment where we have a supplier-customer relationship. We could further improve productivity on all organizations if we apply lean concepts as what one of the resource speaker says: “If you do something today, it will always result in a better result tomorrow”.

Training and exposures;

The general recommendation of the participants is to continue and further enhance these type of trainings on lean manufacturing on national productivity organizations, umbrella organizations, big companies and SMEs. Aside from the lectures given by the experts and experienced lecturers, the actual visits to best-in-class practices is really a big help. Also the actual Plant application during the training is really an extra mile by Asia Productivity Organization and the host country. Hope this training format will continue. A follow-up session(some sort as “Lean Mgt Course II- higher level) is most welcome.

Action Steps by DAP/Government and Del Monte:

1) Continue to involve Visayas/ Mindanao companies on productivity improvement trainings. The government and Development Academy of the Philippines really took the extra-mile in approving or recommending me as the first delegate from the south (Mindanao and Visayas islands) related to this APO-sponsored trainings. This move will really help expand our network of productivity practitioners who will serve as models, benchmark industries and partners in further improving productivity of their companies and on their localities. Hopefully, this extension of training to Visayas and Mindanao will continue as this is one predicament on the companies far from Metro Manila area.

2) DAP, PROMAP and big companies situated in Mindanao to work as one in helping establish an extension office of DAP here in Cagayan de Oro and Davao cities. Malaysia Experience: they have around nine(9) offices and training centers scattered across Malaysia. Recommend that Development Academy in the Philippines will set-up an extension office in the Mindanao Area together with the help of PROMAP and big companies in the area. In Northern Mindanao Area alone, we have Del Monte Manufacturing Plant(biggest pineapple and fruit cocktail processing in the world), Nestle, Asia Brewery, Rebisco, Universal Robina, Coca-Cola bottling plant( soon to be the biggest CCBP plant in the Philippines) and other plants here, in Iligan, Gen San and Davao. We can start with some sort of a summit sponsored by DAP, with the help of PROMAP. These trainings on productivity and other new concepts will really help the big and small enterprises all over the Philippines. Establishing the extension offices and training centers will create a multiplier effect as the recipients will help us cascade the learnings gained from the training programs.

3) For my company’s lean journey, I will be the catalyst on the Lean Manufacturing concepts

* Initiate a comprehensive training for all production Managers and key supervisors on Lean Thinking
* Evaluate our current processes using lean concepts and tools
* Together with the whole Del Monte Manufacturing team, we will draw the strategies and execution work-plans towards the LEAN-SIGMA journey.
* Enable and drive Cannery-wide, principle-based Lean Thinking thereby unlocking the power of Lean-Driven Engagement at the Manufacturing Operations.
* In my assessment, we are on the right path…we are currently embarking on 5S-Total Productive Maintenance with the teams as the vehicle and then move forward towards Lean Sigma.

I sincerely thank the APO team of Mr Kritchai , DAP Team of Mr Lito Legaspi/Ronnie and Bonna and for my PROMAP Team for allowing me to join this training on Lean Manufacturing Systems. This really enhanced my knowledge and capability as the Manufacturing Director of Del Monte Pacific Limited.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from the expert resource speakers, best-in-class plant exposures and from the sharing with my fellow participants.

Hopefully, I could join other similar APO productivity improvement trainings in the future.

Rest assured I will apply and share my acquired knowledge from the training to the best of my ability for my company, for PROMAP, for DAP and for the Asian Productivity Organization.
As the saying goes:
“ You hear and you forget, you see and you remember but if you do, you will understand”.

And to the vision of APO and DAP, I salute you for making it happen.
“Vision without Action is just a dream, Action without Vision is just a waste of time
while Vision with Action can really change the world”.

Thank you and God bless APO,DAP , PROMAP and Del Monte Pacific Limited.


Director, Manufacturing Operations
Del Monte Philippines, Inc.
and Board of Directors
Production and Operations Management
Association of the Philippines (PROMAP)


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