Report: Environmental Labels and Declarations Training Course, April 27-May 1, 2014, Bangladesh

Group photo of participants

Group photo of participants


The training course entitled “Environmental Labels and Declarations (ISO 14021,14024 and 14025” is focused on the concepts and principles of environmental labels and declarations programs and its significant impacts to sustainable consumption  and production initiatives of a particular product or service. The introductory session on basic concepts and principles on Eco-labeling and the guiding principles as well as the presentation of various case studies on Ecolabeling of Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Taiwan helps the participants to understand and appreciate the importance of the said training.


The Training Course on Environmental Labels and Declarations offered by APO is highly significant nowadays to all APO participating countries, because I really believe that this training is very timely considering the continuing environmental concerns due to climate change.  The consumers need strong environmental awareness on environmental management systems and application of appropriate Eco-labeling or Green Labeling within their country.

As Environmental Associate Auditor, I strongly believe that this training will help me a lot in improving myself in the field of environmental management and auditing through adoption of environmental management standards and protocols. Gaining knowledge on the Eco-labeling training gives me an opportunity to share what i learned to the members of Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP), specifically those involve in the plastic packaging industries and waste recycling industries. My expectations of this training is that i would understand the key concepts and principles of Eco-labeling and acquire experiences on the actual Eco-labeling exercises and how to encourage the government agency to adopt green products in helping the environment.


There are about twenty four (24) delegates from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam participated in Training Course on Environmental Labels and Declarations jointly organized by Asian Productivity Organization (APO) of Japan and National Productivity Organization (NPO) of Bangladesh.


The training on Environmental labels and declarations was focused on the following topics:

1) APO Introduction of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP);
2) Concepts and Principles of Environmental Labels and Declarations;
3) Case Study on Launching and Development of Eco-Labeling Scheme in the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.

The Resource Speakers have visual presentations and well prepared and knowledgeable about the topics being discussed. They elaborated and expanded the topics in a more effective and lively manner through examples, illustrations or some visual aid.

To get the attention of the participants to become active and make the discussions easy and open forum lively, an informal conversational although participative approach was employed by resource speakers.

Actual site visit in Bengal Plastic Industry in Bangladesh was also experienced by the participants. Key informal interview (KII) and Focused Group Discussion (FGD) during site visit provided information from the workers and management about the plastic hanger production.

Further, the participants were grouped into four (4) based on the institutions representation. Each group presented their output and was criticized by resource speakers based on their respective topics.


Over-all, the 7-Day Training Course on Environmental Labels and Declarations is productive. The organizers (APO and NPO Bangladesh) exerted tireless effort for the travel arrangements, the selection of experts, the variety of participants, the venue, the food and most importantly the funding support for the participants from the APO and the host NPO Bangladesh and Ministry of Industries. In a very short period of time, I learned about Bangladesh culture and exposed to its proposed program on Eco-labeling.


1) For APO to conduct Trainors Training on Environmental Labels and Declarations.

2) For NPO (DAP) to conduct meeting/dialogue with Green Choice Philippines Executive Director to plan and schedule more seminars on Ecolabelling and Declaration. The target participants are board members of the government procurement policy board and/or procurement officers from various departments of the government to adopt and patronize green product as part of their government’s commitment in helping the environment.

3) For SWAPP to conduct echo-session of Environmental Labels and Declarations to SWAPP Board and members and provides photocopy of all reading materials for our library.


Member, Board of Trustee
Solid Waste Management Association
of the Philippines (SWAPP)


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