e-News: DAP conducts in-house Learning Session on the Balanced Scorecard, May 9, 2014, DAP Pasig City

Learning Session on the Balanced Scorecard, May 9, 2014

Learning Session on the Balanced Scorecard, May 9, 2014

At least 18 DAP staff gathered at the Boardroom of the DAP Pasig City facility on 9 May 2014, eager to learn from the sharing of knowledge and experiences of APO Grantee Ms. Catherine Luzuriaga, Project Officer, DAP Center for Governance.

Specifically, the participants were enthusiastic to acquire skills on how to use the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for strategic planning. Most of the attendees are composed of technical staff involved in strategy, planning, performance management, and business intelligence, seeking to either implement or refine performance management frameworks.

The session walked through the basics of defining measures and KPIs, and their relation with the BSC. Concepts such as measures, indicators, KPIs, KRIs, KCI and other jargon of the performance management were clarified.

Ms. Luzuriaga, a grantee of the Training Course on the Balanced Scorecard in 2011, helped the participants understand how to get most out of the Balanced Scorecard, a core component of a strategy execution and performance management framework.

The DAP’s IRISCIP-APO Liaison Office has launched this year the series of “Learning Session with APO Grantees” to help capacitate the NPO staff specifically in basic and advanced productivity and quality (P&Q) methodologies, approaches, tools and techniques.

The IRISCIP/APOLO is collaborating with the pool of APO Alumni/Grantees and other Productivity Practitioners/Experts to help further the ‘multiplier effect’ of APO programs, through sharing of technical knowledge, learning and experiences and other promotion strategies.


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