NPO News: Capacity-building through E-Learning Course on Green Productivity

Filipino participants during e-learning session

Filipino participants during e-learning session

The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) through its Center for Quality and Competitiveness implemented the APO-sponsored E-Learning Course on Green Productivity on 7-10 July 2014. The course was implemented simultaneously with the National Productivity Organizations of other selected APO member countries: Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam. The interconnection of participating countries, APO host site in Japan, and resource speakers from Singapore was made possible through the use of the Global Development Learning Network (GLDN) videoconferencing technology.

The E-learning Course was designed to provide fundamental knowledge about Green Productivity (GP) and the methodologies used in carrying out such initiatives. GP is a strategy for enhancing productivity and environmental performance for overall socioeconomic development. It is the application of productivity and environmental management tools, techniques, and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of an organization while enhancing its profitability and competitive advantage.

The technical experts, namely Mr. Kelvin Chan and Dr. Koh Niak Wu, presented step-by-step discussion of the methodologies used in implementing Green Productivity. The participants, including the 12 Filipino professionals representing the government, academe and NGO sectors, delivered group presentations on the Mushroom Case Study towards the end of the course.

The course was a success in terms of imparting knowledge on GP to participants, and in equipping them with skills to formulate green growth initiatives. This was manifested through the high levels of satisfaction received, and the percentage of scores gained by the participants during the final written examination.

Since 1994, the APO has been promoting GP in member countries through various methodologies such as exhibits, conferences, seminars, workshops, and e-learning courses. And as the National Productivity Organization of the Philippines, the DAP is in partnership with the APO in promoting Green Productivity for socioeconomic development of the Asia-Pacific region.


One thought on “NPO News: Capacity-building through E-Learning Course on Green Productivity

  1. Pauliasi Niusama says:

    It is encouraging to note that there is a learning environment for economic growth in a conscious environmental business mind ,i.e. the E – learning course. Therefore, I am interested to learn E-learning course.

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