12th Regional APO Grantees Forum: GP and Innovative Green Business Practices in SMEs, December 12, 2014, Cebu City

AGF Cebu, 2014The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) as the National Productivity Organization, in cooperation with Department of Trade and Industry – Cebu Provincial Office, is organizing the 12th Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Grantees’ Forum on December 12, 2014, Friday, from 10:00am to 4:00pm at Harolds Hotel, Cebu City. The theme is “Green Productivity and Innovative Green Business Practices in SMEs”.

This Forum serves as a platform for sharing, learning and networking among APO alumni/grantees, identifying strategies for collaboration with productivity champions and stakeholders which is also in line with creating “multiplier effects” of APO programs.

We have invited APO grantee productivity experts/practitioners as resource speakers to present issues related to the theme, and share actual experiences and insights on applying Green Productivity as an approach for socioeconomic development.

For this forum we offer a minimal fee of Php 350.00/participant to cover the cost of air-conditioned venue, snacks and refreshments.

To receive more information, please contact our APO Grantees Forum Secretariat at Tel Nos. 631-2126 (Manila c/o DAP) or (032) 253-2631/412-1856 (Cebu c/o DTI) or e-mail apolugrantees@yahoo.com.ph/ dticebuphil@gmail.com.

Details are also available in our Social Media Networking Sites: Facebook Page: facebook.com/agf.phil; Twitter Page: twitter.com/apogranteesphil; WordPress: apogranteesforum.wordpress.com; and Google+: apogranteesforum@gmail.com;


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