Report: Total Quality Management (TQM) Training of Trainers, May 18-22, 2015, Fiji

Group photo of participants

Group photo of participants

SMEs are facing growing challenges from global competition and the needs of increasingly sophisticated customers. To raise product or service quality, most SMEs are applying various improvement methods in the hope of achieving the required growth and higher profits.

One of the methods to improve product or service quality in SMEs is through the implementation of TQM. TQM encompasses many aspects of operations beginning at the lowest level the organization focusing on customers’ requirements, delivering products and services satisfactorily to the system of production, and ensuring quality in all steps in the process. TQM has shown great success in SMEs. TQM looks at an organization as a system” and incorporates improvement efforts to enhance the structure so that customer (both internal and external) needs are met and streamlined for cost-effective and service- oriented approaches. APO’s objectives is to enable participants from SMEs to understand TQM, its tools, and techniques in detail, so that they can disseminate the knowledge gained to help their organizations. The participants will develop their knowledge, skills, and experience to become competent trainers in TQM, especially for SMEs. After attending the course, the participants are expected to conduct TQM training not only for a general audience but also for other enterprises within their countries and beyond for greater multiplier effects.


V. Nicolas, Primefoods Corporation

Doing business in our country is not very easy; I face a lot of challenges in the changing of times. My objective in participating in this training was to learn about the philosophy of TQM to improve our business productivity and be competitive in the global market. My expectations were met, especially the learning experience and meeting world classmates in different countries in Asia.


The training was attended by 24 participants from 18 Asian countries. Filipino participants are Mr. Jeff Almonte, General Manager and Owner, La Carmela Hotel, Pagadian City, and Virgin Mary Nicolas, General Manager and Owner, Primefoods Corporation. Some of the participants belong to the academe and government sectors, while others are SME owners.


The resource speakers are the following:

Mr. M. L. Suryaprakash
Deputy Director-General
National Productivity Council
New Delhi, India

– Discussed TQM Tools and Techniques and Sustaining TQM implementation

Mr. Mohd Lizuan Bin Abd Latif
Principal Consultant
Quality Mind
Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

– Discussed Introduction of TQM, Implementation, Effective TQM teaching skills and Trainers Dos’ and Donts.

Mr. George Wong
Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Hotlink Systems & Services Pte. Ltd.

– Discussed TQM and management of Innovation and also Linking TQM and Business excellence.

The site visit took place at ATS Fiji, an airline catering company which follows strict quality standards that focuses in customer’s specific needs.


V. Nicolas, Primefoods Corporation

The training was a great learning experience for me and for my company. It broadened my perspective in doing business and I gained knowledge on how to effectively implement TQM in my own business and i learned how to disseminate the principles to other SMEs in our country. Our government doesn’t stop in providing assistance to SMEs like me in order to have a better understanding and appreciation on how to enhance our craft to compete in the outside world.

The speakers tried their best to convey their knowledge and comprehensively discussed to us the participants.


V. Nicolas, Primefoods Corporation

Over all, The APO did a great job in this training. Being mentioned as one of the most expensive training Fiji did and organized,  it was well participated by different sectors not only SMEs. It was a privilege being nominated to this training!

My action plan is to make a comprehensive presentation to my colleagues in my organization and other interested stakeholders from different organizations, and to support APO projects by committing our organization as potential site visit for APO foreign or local participants during conduct of projects here in our country.


General Manager/Owner
Primefoods Corporation


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