Report: Customer Satisfaction (CS) Measurement and CS Index Development for the Service Industry Workshop, June 8-12, 2015, Republic of China

Group photo of delegates

Group photo of delegates

The service industry plays a vital role in a country’s economic growth. Thus, the promotion of productivity in the service industry is crucial to sustain economic growth. As part of the APO’s strategic direction to strengthen the service sector in member countries, it has been conducting courses on service-sector innovation and customer relationship management, ICT,KM in the service sector, best practices in service excellence, etc. through e-learning and in face-to-face projects. There has been increasing demand from participants and NPOs for methods to measure satisfaction levels in the service industry. This would enable NPOs to analyze national-level CS and its trends. Some member economies have already initiated and promoted CS measures and CS indexes for the service industry at national level. This is critical for the long-term competitiveness and profitability of organizations at the firm and macro levels. This workshop will provide participants with opportunities to learn the principles, methods, and models of CS measurement in the USA, Europe, and APO member countries. At the end of this workshop, the participants are expected to prepare their own CS measurement model and index for the service industry in their countries.


To review and discuss CS measurement for the service industry;
To develop a CS index to establish specific targets and goals for assessing overall performance in the service sector; and
To provide a platform for sharing the status, best practices, and successful models of CS measurement for the service industry in member economies.


There were 18 participants from Fiji, India, Indonesia, IR Iran, Japan, ROK, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.



a. Best practices of CS measurement;
b. CS measurement principle, method, and models; and
c. CS index development and opportunities for application in the service industry.


Presentations by experts, country paper presentations, group discussion, observational site visits, and action plan development.

The workshop methodologies were lectures, case studies, group discussions, site visit, and drafting of action plans.


Sun., 7 June 2015 Arrival of participants in Taipei
Mon., 8 June Opening session, course overview, presentations
Tues., 9 June Presentations
Wed., 10 June Observational site visits
Thurs., 11 June Country paper presentations and group discussion
Fri., 12 June Action plan presentation and summing-up and closing session
Sat., 13 June Departure of participants from Taipei


Potential APO Initiatives

– Develop a roadmap for APO to promote Customer Satisfaction (CS) excellence in the service sector.
– Develop training programs in service excellence (CS measurement and CS improvement).
– Develop a guide to CS measurement and benchmarking for SME’s and a guide to service improvement
– Develop simplified CS measurement tools for SME’s
– Develop a casebook on service innovation and best practices in the setvice sector
– Initiate APO Service Excellence Awards

Potential NPO Initiatives

– Develop a national strategy for achieving service excellence
– Introduce national consumer price index (Philippines)  based on American Customer Service Index
– Assists SME’s to measure and improve CS using best practice tools
– Develop Customer Service Excellence training programs for the service sector
– Assist SME’s  in benchmarking and improving CS performance
– Develop best practices and case studies
– Host national and international conferences on service excellence including Service Excellence Awards


Lyceum of the Philippines University


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