Report: Advanced Agribusiness Management Workshop, July 21-25, 2014, Thailand

Group Photo

Group Photo

The workshop provided a venue to 22 participants from Asia, and resource speakers from USA, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan, to discuss current issues and emerging challenges in agribusiness and the latest trends on strategic management.

It was a week-long program that provided opportunities for networking with participants and observing of best practices in agribusiness in the country.


H. Del Rosario, Soyuz Foods, Inc.

As General Manager of Soyuz Foods, Inc., my duty is to lead the teams within my organization competently and effectively into achieving a position in the Calamansi industry. Hence, this requires knowledge on new techniques and strategies to increase productivity and build capacity in order to become competitive and keep the company in business.

Learning the global trends in agribusiness management, practices and principles for sustainability, emerging opportunities and challenges in Asia are some of the strategies i hope to learn to enable me to forecast and plan the direction my company needs to take in order to adapt to global changes that may happen and shape the economy in the last five years or so.

N. Ilas-Siao, Nublends Corporation

To raise awareness in the projects of APO and its global impact in agribusiness development;
To share varying and similar experiences in agribusiness development in the Philippines in comparison with other neighboring countries;
To discuss strategic considerations in a more efficient and effective methods towards rapid progress in agriculture and agribusiness;
To discuss challenges and risks faced in the advancement of agribusiness;
To obtain commitment for the improvement of agribusiness as a whole;


23 participants from 13 APO member countries attended the workshop

Cambodia (2)
Republic of China
India (2)
Philippines (3)
Sri Lanka (2)
Thailand (5)
Vietnam (2)

Philippine participants are as follows:

General Manager, Soyuz Foods, Inc.
and President, Philippine Calamansi Association, Inc.

Managing Partner, Nublends Corporation
(Member, Philippine Calamansi Association, Inc.)

Head, Corporate Agribusiness
Nestle Philippines, Inc.


A. Lecture/presentation by Resource Speakers

Dr. Ralph D. Christy:
Global trends and the key drivers in Agribusiness Development
Strategic Thinking: What every company needs to know about strategy

Mr. Chan Seng Kit
Emerging opportunities and challenges for Agribusiness in Asia
Basics of export business and managing export shipments

Dr. Louie A. Divinagracia
Leadership in Asian Agribusiness- revisiting the value chain approach to development
Leadership Development in Agribusiness Value Chain Management

Dr. Rosa Rolle
Enhancing innovative post-harvest practices to improve the competitiveness of Asian Food Value Chains

Mr. Joselito C. Bernardo
Emerging business models in Agribusiness

B. Presentation of selected Case Studies and analysis by Ms. Margaret Lynch

C. Site visit to CP Rice Factory Corporation

Visit to CP Rice Factory

Visit to CP Rice Factory

D. Group Workshops

Assessment of critical issues faced by agribusinesses in APO member countries/Asia;
Capacity and capability development needs of agribusinesses in APO member countries/Asia;

Presentation of workshop output

Presentation of workshop output


H. Del Rosario, Soyuz Foods, Inc.

APO was able to provide a venue where there was a productive and interactive discussions among participants and with the majority of the resource speakers.

The segment where a case study was presented by the resource person from Cornell University, Prof. Ralph Christy, and the activity undertaken, was a good exercise in applying the principles of Strategic Thinking and Value Chain Analysis.

Mr. Kit Chan, Dr. Louie Divinagracia and Mr. Joselito Bernardo had shown mastery of their expertise during their presentation and had imparted useful knowledge to participants.

The over-all assessment of the workshop is excellent in terms of imparting knowledge on strategies, trends in agribusiness management and value chain models and analysis. The visit to CP Corporation is an eye opener on the practices and principles of an advanced business in a developed economy. Hence, the activity is a plus to the success of the program.

N. Ilas-Siao, Nublends Corporation

The workshop was timely and relevant and very informative. The lectures presented created a positive venue for cooperative and collaborative discussions among the speakers and participants of the program. The resource speakers were knowledgeable and effective in their presentations. I found the case studies and group discussions highly beneficial specifically in the effective approaches in strategic analysis, partnerships, and leadership in business. I believe the workshop showed outstanding contribution in the productivity on agribusiness through knowledge exchange within the participants.


To APO, NPOs, Member Countries, agribusiness SMEs:

Address critical challenges on agribusiness affecting Southeast Asia Region:

Globalization- ASEAN Economic Integration;
Climate Change- Manage the environment (scarcity of resources)
Rising Incomes vs Disparity of Incomes: Provide financial support;
Socio-economic Demographic Profile: Consumer Preference; Lifestyle change (Urbanization & Industrialization)
Lack of support system for Technology Development and Training: Capacity building;

Pursue or conduct capacity/capability building development programs for SMEs on:

Technology skills expertise building;
Food safety;
Risk management;
R&D on product development;
Micro-finance and other innovative financial models applicable to SMEs and agribusiness entities;
Stakeholder engagement/management
Blue-Ocean marketing (Social Media)
Greening the Supply Chain;
Climate-resilient farming;
Forecasting in agribusiness;
Lean agriculture;

Develop case studies on:

Management of SMEs: HR management; Risk Management; Efficient and effective production management;
Farmer-Entrepreneurship Program: Family-based enterprises;
Post-harvest facilities;
Value-chain process;
Product development;

Establish Knowledge Management (KM) center:

Networking and information systems on agriculture and agribusiness: interactive medium of information flow; emerging opportunities in agriculture and agribusiness; varying policies concerning agriculture and agribusiness; harmonizing information on trade protocols; product awareness; varying product applications;
Exchange programs on agriculture and agribusiness: students/professionals/government;

Marketing development programs:

Observational missions to international trade exhibitions;
Regional trade shows;
Market penetration;
Business matching;
Focused Group Marketing;
Company needs;

Establishment of Industry linkages:

Bridging gap between SMEs and big brothers;
Consumer Preference Surveys;


Philippine Calamansi Association, Inc. (PCAI)
/ General Manager
Soyuz Foods International, Inc.

Managing Partner
Nublends Corporation
(Member, PCAI)


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