APO Self-learning e-Course on Waste Management in Agribusiness, December 14, 2015 to May 13, 2016

Poster Invite - Self-Waste Mgt

The agriculture sector generates huge amounts of organic and non-organic waste during food and agricultural production, handling, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, and marketing. Such waste accounts for about 30% of worldwide agricultural production. The result is pollution of soil and water resources, air, landscapes, and contribution of greenhouse gas emissions, among others.

Waste management can reduce waste generation and promote its reuse and recycling. Organic waste can be transformed into valuable products such as compost, biofuel, and bioenergy. Effective, efficient waste management is an essential element for promoting sustainable consumption and production.

Agrbusiness enterprises in general are concerned about waste management. MSMEs are constrained in the adoption of proper waste management strategies due to lack of knowledge and awareness of potential co-benefits of waste management, limited financial resources for investment in technologies, lack of R&D, unsupportive legal and policy frameworks, and lack of policy incentives.

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO), in cooperation with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), is implementing a self-learning e-course from December 14, 2015 to May 13, 2016 (5 months), aiming to train a critical mass of stakeholders in APO member countries in the basic knowledge and skills of waste management in agricultural systems and agribusinesses. The course also aims to trigger economic development initiatives by raising awareness of waste minimization and transformation of agricultural waste into useful products.

The structured self-learning e-course will be implemented through the APO’s dedicated e-learning website: http://www.apo-elearning.org/moodle19/. The participants can register on this website and create their own accounts. Ongoing registration starts at 10:00 am on December 14, 2015.

As the National Productivity Organization, the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) is in charge of the coordination and promotion of the program at the local level. In this regard, DAP invites the public to register and participate in this FREE learning opportunity.

Successful participants who passes the final exam will earn a Certificate courtesy of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), and an opportunity to be invited to participate in a face-to-face training in any of the 18 APO member countries co-sponsored by the APO (subject to other qualification requirements and standards of the project).

For more information, please refer to the poster advertisement or contact the APO/DAP Secretariat at Tel. No. 631-2126, or e-mail at apolu@dap.edu.ph or apolugrantees@yahoo.com.ph. Attn. Mr. Michael Del Mundo or Ms. Bonna Frias. Other details can also be found at these websites: http://www.dap.edu.ph (DAP); http://www.apo-tokyo.org (APO);

Note: Participants from non-APO member countries are welcome to take the course, but will not be provided certificate.


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