Report: Green Productivity (GP) Training Course, March 21-25, 2016, Fiji

Group Photo of Participants

Group Photo of Participants

The continued environmental degradation caused by human needs of development urged countries to develop a strategy to address human’s needs of development from an individual to international levels of perspectives that will sustain to the future. GP as coined by APO is a strategy for enhancing productivity and environmental performance for overall socio-economic development. It is the application of appropriate productivity and environmental management policies, tools, techniques, and technologies in order to reduce the environmental impact of an organization’s activities.

The training course targets to increase the GP knowledge of participants from strategic and production aspects, and to disseminate this through trainings and consultancies.


PCEPSDI is a non-stock, non-profit organization duly registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 2008. Among its primary purposes are to promote sustainable consumption and production as an approach in achieving a clean, green and healthy environment.

The organization’s core activities include promotion of Sustainable Consumption and production (SCP) practices including ecolabelling, green procurement, green supply chains, life cycle assessment, greenhouse gas and carbon footprint, energy management system, forest certification, among others. The organization has been working with like organizations, government institutions and interested groups in capacity building activities, development of policies and programs, development of standards and specifications, and information and education activities relating to the cleansing, improvement, rehabilitation, and development of the environment for sustainable development.

As the Programs and Projects Director for the organization, who also serves as one of the inhouse experts on SCP principles and tools, this project will further capacitate the organization in bringing this knowledge to organizations such as the pilot organizations to implement GPP, government supply chain, with the goal of improving products and services in the market whilst enhancing profitability and industry competitiveness. PCEPSDI activities also involves providing incentive programs to responsible industries and those practicing GP, resource efficiency and others through the ecolabelling program and promoting green public procurement to ensure sustained uptake of GP practices.

While our experience on the ground and knowledge of the actual scenario in implementing GP, the Philippines have a lot to share on these initiatives during the workshop and would also gain knowledge and strategies on how to enhance the same.


The training was attended by 23 participants from 17 countries. Three came from non-APO member country, Colombia, as observers. There was only one participant from the Philippines. The group composition were dynamic with multi-sectors being represented.

Ms. Grace Lebria, Program Director, PCEPSDI

Ms. Grace Lebria, Program Director, PCEPSDI


The participants went through intensive training on GP concepts, methodology, tools, and practices, with more focused discussions on Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) and Energy Efficiency (EE).

The training involved participative method of both discussion, workshops and case studies. Aside from classroom format, actual application of GP concepts were observed and assessed from an actual resort case, Radisson Hotel. The resort case concluded by having the participants acknowledge GP initiatives, and also provide recommendations to the hotel and resort case study.

Site Visit to Radisson Hotel

Site Visit to Radisson Hotel


The project was an intensive training on GP, in general, and specific tools, that is MFCA and Energy Efficiency. The group resource person was highly knowledgeable on the matter with expetise on both technical and practical aspects of the subject. This turned out to be significant aspect with how the training was conducted. The resource persons was able to illustrate the actual application of concepts to the group.

This training has increased the competency of the participant and of the organization on GP, and will integrate learnings from the project, resource materials into the current module of the organization.


The course module calls for an advanced and holistic discussion of GP, MFCA, and Energy Efficiency. The advanced level of discussion and workshop calls for participants with sufficient knowledge in engineering, such as productivity, plant design, electrical engineering, to name a few. The participant was able to advance her knowledge in the said fields, and was able to expand her current background on engineering and SCP.

It was also observed that basic modules on MFCA and Energy Efficiency be added to level off the knowledge of all participants.


Program Director
Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc.
Email: maureengrace_lebria @


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