Report: Best Practices of Knowledge Management Implementation in NPOs Workshop, June 14-17, 2016, Mongolia

Workshop delegates

Workshop delegates

The APO KM framework was developed to provide a common understanding of KM among member countries, and in particular among NPOs. The framework was designed based on practical experience in KM from several countries in Asia, along with best practices from the USA, Australia, and Europe. NPOs are expected to have adopted and applied the KM framework in their organizations and should have produced appreciable results. Different NPOs may have pursued specific goals and used various tools and techniques in implementing KM. It is therefore relevant to share those experiences and best practices so that other NPOs can learn and possibly adopt them.


This training will help the participant understand the broader context of KM in varied setting and conceptualize as to how the best KM practices from other organizations can be blended into the diverse nature of the Graduate School.

3. Participants

Bangladesh – Mr. Md. Razu Ahammed
Research Officer
National Productivity Organisation,
Ministry of Industries

Cambodia – Mr. Um Serivuth
Deputy Director
National Productivity Centre of Cambodia,
Ministry of Industry and Handicraft

China, Republic of – Ms. Pei-Chun Chung
Associate Administrator
China Productivity Center

Fiji – Mr. Ashwin Gounder
Head of Training
Executive Management
National Training & Productivity Center

IR Iran – Mr. Hassan Rostami Kelishomi
Education and Research
National Iranian Productivity Organization (NIPO)

Lao PDR – Ms. Alounni Sisavath
Deputy Director of Division
Productivity Division, Department of SME Promotion
Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Malaysia – Ms. Wan Fazlin Nadia Wan Osman
Malaysia Productivity Corporation

Nepal – Mr. Prabin Kumar Acharya
Branch Chief
Productivity Promotion Division
National Productivity and Economic Development Centre (NPEDC)

Sri Lanka – Mr. B.M.S. Balasuriya
Productivity Development Officer
National Productivity Secretariat

Thailand- Ms. Dujdao Duangden
Senior Consultant
Thailand Productivity Institute

Vietnam – Ms. Nguyen Thi Van
Ho Chi Minh Branch
Vietnam National Productivity Institute (VNPI)


Topics discussed and key inputs delivered by resource persons Importance of KM to productivity and quality improvement initiatives:
KM applications in international development organizations;
KM applications in private business organizations;
KM applications in public organizations;

Selected models and best practices of KM in NPOs; and
Strategies to intensify KM applications and adoption in NPOs.


Expert presentations, country case studies, site visits, and workshop.
Highlights of the Philippine country paper
The Philippine country paper focused on the actual and technical application of the KM tools in the Graduate School thru the creation of a Learning Management System (LMS).

The other countries presented the current status of their country’s KM office. They have also discussed the KM trainings which their offices have conducted and how they managed to boast the income of their office thru these trainings.

APO WSP on KM in NPO, 2016 2


I am entirely grateful for the opportunity that APO had given me when I was allowed to join the KM workshop at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last June 14-17, 2016. In so far, the workshop managed to provide the participants new knowledge on the nature of KM, as well as enlighten us to the best strategies and practical benefits that KM has offered to offices of various natures in the Asian Region. The workshop also provides an avenue for all participants to establish camaraderie and exchange information on the KM proceedings in their own countries.

Generally, I find the workshop worthy of every minute that we have spent within the four corners of the classroom wall.


I have divided my action plan into two since I originally belong to the Graduate School of DAP and not in the APO itself. Apparently, APO and DAP, as a whole, already have a concrete plan on Knowledge Management and as a holistic institution, we are united in our efforts to promote the mandates of APO and assist in every way we can towards attainment of the laid-out plan and goals addressing Knowledge Management.

On the part of the Graduate School, as soon as I arrived in my home country, I am planning to do the following:

  1. Conduct re-echo of learnings on KM best practices to colleagues and superiors;
  2. Promote institutionalization of Learning Management System of the Graduate School as practical and technical application of KM in the NPO.


Learning Manager
Graduate School of Public and Development Management
Development Academy of the Philippines
Email: baltazara @


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