APO Self-learning e-Course on Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), Jan 1-Dec 31, 2017


Injury or illness may occur in the workplace due to poor understanding of safety and health aspects and a weak or absent management system, thus, occupational health and safety of workers have become a significant concern for organizations. Lack of appropriate measures or safeguards may result in lost productivity caused by lost employee work hours and organization income.

OHSAS 18001, an internationally recognized occupational, health and safety management system series standard, was developed to address occupational health and safety concerns. OHSAS 18001 requires a company to have appropriate health and safety policies, procedures and protocols to ensure it is a safety conscientious organization.

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO), in cooperation with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), is implementing a self-learning e-course from January 1 to December 31, 2017. The course will impart basic training on the occupational health and safety management system under OHSAS 18001 covering all specifications including policy, identification of occupational health and safety risks and legal requirements, generation of objectives and targets, preparation of management plans and activities, monitoring of system performance, auditing, continuous review of the management program, and improvement.

Target participants, among others, are professionals, officials, managers, academics involved in occupational health and safety from industries, business, government, universities, NPO, NGOs and consulting firms.

The structured self-learning e-course will be implemented through the APO’s dedicated e-learning website: http://www.eapo-tokyo.org. The participants can register on this website and create their own accounts. Registration is ongoing until December 2017.

As the National Productivity Organization, the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) is in charge of the coordination and promotion of the program at the local level. In this regard, DAP invites the public to register and participate in this FREE learning opportunity.

For more information, please refer to the poster advertisement or contact the APO/NPO Secretariat at Tel. No. 631-2143, 631-2126, or e-mail at apolu@dap.edu.ph or apolugrantees@yahoo.com.ph. Attn. Mr. Michael M. del Mundo or Ms. Bonna D. Frias. Other details can also be found at these websites: http://www.dap.edu.ph (DAP); http://www.apo-tokyo.org (APO);

Note: Participants from non-APO member countries are welcome to take the course, but will not be provided certificate.


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